Adjusting Harness Strap Height on the VISTA and CRUZ

Posted by: Sam

During our recent Tune-UP Gear-UP®  events in California, we had a lot of question about adjusting the height of the shoulder harness straps on the VISTA and CRUZ.  Some customers thought the strap was supposed to be fed through the slits on the seat fabric.  However, inside each of those slits is a fabric loop that the harness adjustment clip attaches on to.

  • Decide which slit/loop is the proper height for your child (use the loop above your child’s shoulder line, or closet to your child’s shoulder line).
  • Remove the fabric loop from inside of the slit in the seat fabric.
  • Detach the grey attachment clip from the current loop.
  • Slide the grey attachment clip onto the new fabric loop.
  • Push the shoulder harness pad up over the grey attachment clip.
  • Tuck the fabric loop you are no longer using into the fabric slit.

You can also check out this video about the harness system to see how to adjust the height of your shoulder harness straps.