CRUZ Stroller Tune-UP

Posted by: Sam

Does your CRUZ stroller need a Tune-UP, but you can’t make it to a Tune-UP Gear-UP®  event?  Don’t worry, we have some step-by-step tips you can do at home to get your stroller running smooth again.

  • Remove your back wheels and wipe down the wheel housing and wheels to remove all traces of dirt or grit.
  • Remove all 4 wheels and wipe down and dry thoroughly
  • Lubricate all 4 wheels shafts with a household lubricant like white lithium grease, super lube or BuggyLOVE WheelLOVE
  • Spray out back brake housing and brake pin with WD-40, let sink in and hit brake several times without wheel attached to clean out brake pins, may have to repeat process depending on how dirty
  • Replace all 4 wheels back onto the frame
  • 2014-earlier CRUZ strollers:  Flip over your CRUZ frame and at the bottom of the brake pedal you will see 2 screws. You can squeeze some bike chain wax, a beeswax lubricant, a little white grease or even squeeze some BuggyLOVE Wheel Love into the brake housing, let it soak in, hit the brake a few times and this will lubricate and clean out the mechanism keeping your brake smooth and easy to use.  Here is a quick video we made showing this process:
  • 2015-later CRUZ strollers: Fold the CRUZ and wipe down both sides of the middle folding joint
  • 2014-earlier CRUZ strollers: Fold the stroller in half and wipe out any dirt and debris from the middle joint.  Spray WD-40 on either side of metal hook and pump hook up and down several times.  Lubricate again if needed.  Unfold the stroller again.
  • Check basket fabric for rips or zipper issues and replace if necessary
  • Check seat recline, footrest, harness, handlebar for proper working order
  • Wipe down the frame and spot clean of fabric
  • Check rain shield for holes or rips

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