Folding the 2014-Earlier VISTA

Posted by: Sam

If you’re ever having a hard time folding your 2014-earlier model VISTA stroller, there are a couple of things to check on your stroller.  Follow the steps below to troubleshoot folding your stroller.

  • Make sure the button at the top of the handlebar will squeeze in and the handlebar can slide up and down.
  • Check that the black plastic tab and silver pin on the left side of the frame are not visually damaged.
  • Squeeze the handlebar height adjustment button and the black plastic tab at the same time, push the handlebar down into the frame of the stroller.  You’ll feel a little resistance, push a half an inch further, and then you’ll be able to fold the stroller in half.  Watch this video to see how to fold your stroller.

For the smoothest fold, once the stroller is folded in half, spray some lubricant around the spring loaded pins in the middle joint.  Check out this video to see how to lubricate the middle joint of your stroller.