Opening G-LUXE and G-LITE

G-SERIES Opening and Closing

Posted by: Sam

Does your G-LUXE, G-LITE, or G-LINK feel stiff when opening and closing the stroller? If so, your stroller needs some lubrication.

  • Open your stroller.
  • Spray the cross support bars, where they meet the stroller frame, with wd-40.
  • You will see 2 silver square pins that engage on the cross bars when the stroller is open (G-LUXE/G-LITE have one on each side of the frame).  The G-LINK has one pin located on the center frame, below the release handle.
  • Spray around the metal pin with lubricant, like wd-40.
  • Open and close the stroller several times to work any residual dirt out of the moving parts.

You can also check out this video about cleaning the square pins.