G-SERIES Stroller Tune-UP

Posted by: Sam

Does your G-SERIES stroller need a tune-UP, but you can’t make it to a Tune-UP Gear-UP®  event?  Don’t worry, we have some step-by-step tips you can do at home to get your stroller running smooth again.

  • Remove front 2 wheels and wipe down and dry thoroughly
  • Lubricate all 4 wheels shafts with a household lubricant like white lithium grease, super lube or BuggyLOVE WheelLOVE
  • While the stroller is open, spray out the cross support bars where they meet the stroller frame. You will see silver square nubs, or pins, that engage on the cross bars when the stroller is open (the G-LINK has one pin located on the center frame, below the release handle).  Once you clean out these areas and let the wd-40 work into the joints, open and close the stroller several times to work any residual dirt out of the moving parts.  It is also helpful to lubricate the section of framing above and below the silver square nubs. Here is a video showing this process: https://youtu.be/Ae2E2erHAOk
  • Spray clean back wheels and lubricate with WD-40

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