Gimme a brake

Posted by: Sam

Are your VISTA brakes acting a little sticky?  Some routine maintenance can get your stroller stopping on a dime in no time. To service the brake, remove the back wheels by pushing in the rear hubcaps and sliding off the wheels. Make sure the back wheel housing is clean of any dirt, sand or debris. The brake pin can get ‘gunked’ up especially if you spend time near the beach or through heavy use. To clean the brake pins on the back wheel housing, you can use something as simple as compressed air (like when you go to the service station to fill up your car tires with air) or even the same can of compressed air that you use to clean your computer keyboard. For tougher grime use a spray lubricant like wd-40. After cleaning, wipe the area down with a damp cloth then hit the brake a few times with the wheels off. Reattach your wheels and you will be good to go.