Travel safe this holiday season with our UPPAbaby TravelSafe program.

Posted by: Sam

I can’t stress enough how wonderful our TravelSafe program is for every UPPAbaby Stroller. There is nothing worse than touching down to visit family and realizing your beloved stroller sustained some damage during a long flight.

How It Works
Register both your stroller and TravelBag online here prior to your departure. The VISTA and CRUZ TravelBag serial number is 5-digits and located on the inside of the bag by the top handle. The G-Series TravelBag serial number is located on the TravelSafe label above the Warning label on the inside of the TravelBag bottom. Once this is complete, you are ready to travel!

Making a Claim with UPPAbaby
In the occurrence of damage to your stroller during air travel, contact UPPAbaby within 14 days of your return and provide 3 pieces of information:
1. Registration information: Name, Address, Serial Numbers (VISTA and TravelBag)
2. Image of damage to VISTA
3. Proof of travel with departure and return dates (accepted forms: boarding passes, baggage tickets, flight confirmations, etc.)

– UPPAbaby TravelBag must be registered prior to trip departure date.
– Program benefits are contingent upon your stroller being under its original 2 year warranty.
– UPPAbaby cannot replace a stroller if lost by the airline. Please note: If you fail to register your stroller, a proof of purchase must be provided in order to make a claim.

To make a claim call (844) 823-3132 or email
TravelSafe, travel happy!