Using your MINU during travel

Posted by: Sam

Everyone wants to know if the MINU will fit in the overhead compartment during air travel

UPPAbaby has conducted fit testing of the MINU as carry-on luggage throughout various stages of development. We cannot guarantee the MINU will fit in all overhead compartments as they vary by aircraft and model year in addition to the carry-on policy for each airline. It is up to the passenger if they want to test their MINU when boarding, but as an alternative, the stroller can easily be gate checked. We offer a convenient back-pack style MINU Travel Bag , available Summer 2018, and TravelSafe program which covers any damage to the stroller during air travel.  Simply register your UPPAbaby Travel Bag online, and any damage caused to your gear during air travel is fully covered by UPPAbaby under the terms of your stroller warranty.