Which fabric cleaners work best?

Posted by: Sam

Recently I took a VISTA seat fabric and canopy fabric and rubbed on some sunscreen.  I let the sunscreen dry onto the fabric in the hot sun, and then let it sit for a while on the seat.  Sunscreen and oily stains are common on stroller fabrics.  But what works best to get them out?

I took four cleaners: BuggyLOVE Fabric Cleaner, BuggyLOVE Frame and Accessory Cleaner, Dawn Liquid Dish Soap, and Method All-Purpose Cleaner.  I applied each of the different cleaners to a different sunscreen spot on the fabric, scrubbed it with a scrub brush, and then wiped the area with a dry, clean towel.  What I found?  All the cleaners worked great with removing the stains.  You can see so in the before and after pictures below.

My recommendation: The BuggyLOVE cleaners were the easiest.  I could scrub the stain, wipe the area with a towel and be done.  The Dawn Liquid and Method cleaner all left soap suds in the fabric, which required me using the hose to get all the soap out.  This soaked the whole seat and took longer to dry (I was surprised how much water came out of the seat after rinsing it!).  However, with the BuggyLOVE, I just wiped the newly cleaned area and that was it.  The only wet area on the seat was where I sprayed the cleaner, so it was much smaller and dried a lot faster.